On the footsteps of president

The name Ukin Piilopirtti – Urkki’s Hideaway comes from the former Finnish President Urho Kekkonen – familiarly called Urkki.  His good friend, businessman and an influential sportsman Kalle Kaihari was the chairman of the Sport Union Tampereen Pyrintö 1945 – 1953. The premises belonged to Pyrintö and was its camping and training center. Kalle Kaihari was influential also in politics and together with Kekkonen he often used to “hideaway” in the training center.

Jyrki Sasi as the host in Urkin Piilopirtti

The present owner and host Jyrki Sasi has a strong engagement and background in the industry.  Jyrki was responsible of the marketing and logistics of the Ekokem corporation founded in the 80s. Ekokem is now integrated with Fortum and forms a major Nordic circular economy company. Ekokem’s operating model was new and Jyrki a very interesting guest in many companies, the executive management was eager to get information.

During these visits Jyrki concretely experienced the Finnish hospitality. There were succeeded occasions as well as weak and poor achievements and everything between these two extremities. Jyrki started to plan an enterprise concentrating in hospitality services with deep understanding n customer’s needs and targets. A unique surrounding, situational awareness and small details thoroughly planned in beforehand show the respect to the customer and encourage the business or whatever the task or the target might be. In 2006 Jyrki bought the place for his enterprise.

Combination of art and nature

If president Kekkonen loved this place, there must be something unique and special, has Jyrki thought. He inspected the place thoroughly and was convinced about the uniqueness of the surrounding nature. He started a massive reconstruction in the premises. At the same time he started to construct a new layer combining Art and Nature with respect for the nature.

Jyrki is an engineer and you can see it: he didn’t want to build some single art pieces, he had a vision about combining Art and Nature in a systematic way that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the whole world. He doesn’t just buy the art pieces, most of them are ordered and designed just for this place. The message is thoroughly planed and in the balance with nature and the final outcoming. This systematic work to combine the performance and art started over 10 years ago.

This art is for all something to enjoy

The style of the art is the post-modernism of the 2000s and it allows also a cheerful joy. And that shows! However, Jyrki doesn’t accept all works. He has Finland’s best specialists to help in evaluating and accepting the pieces. The art collection has got the state’s official acknowledgment from Tampere Art Museum.

Welcome to Pinsiö to enjoy it!