Urkin Piilopirtti’ s kitchen is equipped like the one in top restaurants and led by a professional chef and for dining there are various nice milieus. Read more about the dining rooms >>

Our food philosophy is based on fresh and local products and every meal is carefully planned and prepared. Our specialties are meat fondues in Swiss style, crayfish, meals prepared by an open fire, president Kekkonen’s favorites and our own creations. So we are all the time developing new recipes. Read more about the menus >>

You can wish different variations and we do our best to realize it. Please be so kind and inform us at least 3 days earlier about the final amount of the diners and their possible diets and food limitations.

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Dining rooms

Pavilion, sauna building by the lake, breakfast room in hotel, shelter by the open fire – which is convenient for your group?  


Meals for various occasions – study the menus for meetings, bus groups, sauna bathers and celebrants.