Nature and sports

Finland’s former President Urho Kekkonen (who Urkin Piilopirtti has to thank its name) was an enthusiast sportsman.  Especially skiing and fishing were his favorites. This program combines those two starting with skiing competition where the teams ski with double skis and ending with fishing competition where not only the best catch but sometimes also the smallest fish gives the first prize.

The courtyard of Urkin Piilopirtti just few steps from the building offers a wide area for various outdoor activities. Beside a normal fishing also fishing competitions – for fun or for real – can be organized in angling, trolling or throwing fishing.

Wintertime with ice allows new exiting fishing activities like putting the nets under the ice and taking them off or just taking them off when they have been put under the ice earlier. Or have you or your group ever experienced fishing with hooks and baits?  This activity can be realized in two days: on the first the baits will be catch and the hooks then put down in the water and taken up the next day.

The contents and duration in every activity here down can be modified. Ask for a tailored made offer just for your group.

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Smooth outdoor activities

The traditional sports and technical tasks demanding good humor and intelligence can be organized all year round.  It can be skiing competition with double skis, ice curling, ultimate, frisbee golf, volley ball played with sheets, jumbling tower in giant size. Duration from half an hour to whole day program.

Fitness and wellbeing tests

Walking test and body composition test, wellbeing evaluation, summary and explanation of the outcomings.

Out on the waters – a canoe tour on the lake

It is safe to test one’s canoeing skills on the nearby small lake Lehmijärvi.  Professional guides teach you the techniques in canoeing or kayaking and organize nice activities on the waters.  The lake can also be concurred in a big canoe for 6 – 8 persons.

Something masculine

Do you sometimes need extreme action?  Programs where technical intelligence is needed raise the enthusiasm even in larger man’s group.  Or do you want more motor power or the smell of kerosene?  You can get them, too.  Have a look also in the fishing programs below as well as take your Target below and Paintball.

Take your target and excellent shots

Excitement and joy after succeeded performances can be experienced in the wild activities: Throwing the Ax or the Knife and Archery.  These activities need concentration which is payed back with succeeded hits.  Training makes master and already during one session many participants make progress.

Catch the fish!

Fishing trips with a professional guide to the nearby lakes are made on the boat or on a special fishing ferry. It can be jigging, trolling, throwing, ice fishing or angling.  With a guide you get familiar with different styles and spend a nice day on the waters. All boats and ferries are officially inspected and proper equipped for fishing.

Get familiar with the fishing equipment and train throw fishing

There is a wide variety of all kind of fishing equipment starting with simple angels to jigging equipment, wobblers and lures you need when you want to catch specific fish species. With professional guidance you learn to throw a fishing row and get to know different types of flies and fly casting. There are also different types of angles and fishing rods and special  rubber band for telescopic angles.

The best tips for fish processing

Learn to know the best practices under the theme “from the lake to the table” with the professional guide. The fishes are the most common Finnish lake fishes like perch, pike, zander, roach and bream (the availability depends on the weather).  Also rainbow trout and salmon can be available.  You will learn to use the whole fish: the caviar, liver. the skin and the bones.

Activity tasks

This program is carried out in teams in the nearby nature.  The tasks challenge the teams to find and accomplish solutions together.

Treasure hunting which can help you in praxis

Who wouldn’t love to find a hidden treasure! In this winter program you’ll search the treasure with an avalanche beeper and learn by playing to use this equipment which has saved so many lives!

Other nature activities

You might want to go in the nearby woods berry or mushroom picking, just hiking on the trails, practice to make an open fire.  There is also a special bird watching lake, Lake Sarkkilanjärvi nearby, and you might like to visit that place.

Charter cruises

It is not far from Urkin Piilopirtti to the National Landscape in Hämeenkyrö with wide water areas, blue lakes and beautiful views.  It is possible to order a charter cruise there, go ashore in different places, or combine some water activities with the cruise. Fishing, wake boarding or speedy rides with funny rings or bananas. Make a request for the cruise and transportation to the lake.

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