Art exhibition

The annual art exhibition opens in Urkin Piilopirtti always on the Mother’s Day Lunch. In the summer 2020 the name of the exhibition was Art in combination with architecture, mathematics, music (musical garden) and technique. Also in this project professor Radoslaw Gryta has worked as curator.

The exhibition was open 22.6.-8.8. and after that the works continue their existent in Urkin Piilopirtti’s every day life. The best way to experience the art is to join a guided art tour.

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Here you find some works at our exhibition:

In sauna building

  • The Art Sauna, Mauri Matala
  • The Artistic Bath Towels, Katja Luoto, technical designer Aija Lundahl
  • The Art Sofas ”Blueberries on the Sofa”, Sanni Könttä
  • The Art Curtains
  • The Tableclothes ”Living Folklore”, Katja Luoto
  • The artistic dining utensils (the plates, salad, bread and soup plates), Aba Luostarinen and Jari Vesterinen, the artistic coffee cups, Merja Haapala

Artworks outdoors by the lake

  • Veden Venlat “The Naiads”, Niina Laitonen
  • Kelluvat Kivet “Floating Stones”, Radoslaw Gryta
  • The Shelterer, Mauri Kosonen
  • The light work by the pier, Aba Luostarinen and Ilse Lindqvist, realizaion Jari Antila
  • Jäiden lähtö “Dreaking up off the Ice”, Henriikka Järviö
  • Globus 1, Lars Holmström
  • Guy’s candle lights, Merja Castren
  • Tittelit narikassa “Forget the Titles”, Heidi Piippo
  • Turkoosi kala “The Turquoise Fish”, Soila Jokinen-Lywood
  • Hyvät suhteet “Good Relationships”, Soila Jokinen-Lywood
  • Mennääs sitten “Let’s go”, Janne Hokkanen

The themes of the former Art Exhibitions

2019 Funny art

2018 Garden and art

2017 Art by the lake

2016 The World of Materials Collection
2015 Light Art
2014 Textile Art
2013 Ceramics
2012 Glass Art
2011 Metal Art
2010 Recycling
2009 Stone Art
2008 Wood Art