Works of Art

Urkin Piilopirtti is a significant representative of the Postmodernism in the 2000s combining Art and Nature. Art is present everywhere. The wholeness is formed of individual works as well as of the unique Industrial Arts. It means also piquant details in surprising places like in the plates. The artistic plates are used in celebrations and festive events and individually handmade in potter’s wheel and decorated.

The Art has a message. Most important are the close nature, the history and heritage of the region like the stories about the former influential persons, president Urho Kekkonen and the Eastern neighbour and the sports. Many art works are functional, too. For example, the pomegranate lamps architecturally direct to different places. The artistic couch is a real couch, the art curtains really are curtains, the work “Big Bang” replaces the gate.

The art sauna

In some cases, the function of the art is the experience. Like the Light Art work by the pier where one can dive direct from the smoke sauna inside the art work in the water. There is art also in places one is not used to see it, like in the steam room in the electric sauna. The bath towels are artistic designed.

Art in the Pavilion

Various Works of Art can build an ensemble like “The World of the Pearl” in the meeting and restaurant space Pavilion. The unique lamps, curtains, tablecloths for everyday and celebration use, dining utensils (the plates, salad, bread and soup plates) are all designed and made by artists under the theme Freshwater pearl mussel (Margaritifera margaritifera). This rare mussel can still be found in the near by river.

Hotel rooms

There are hand made ceramic tiles on the bathing room walls and the special designed bed covers in the hotel rooms. Each room has a unique picture on the main wall.

Learn more about the art in Urkin Piilopirtti

You can watch the art works in beforehand through the art portfolio on the front page (will be launched in 2018). Choosing the theme you get to see all the works in that group. Pressing the individual photo you get more background information of it. Beside the art works presented in the webpage there is much more art in Urkin Piilopirtti which you can experience only by paying a visit there.