Art has an important role in all experience Urkin Piilopirtti is offering. It is a combination of many different elements starting from the unique works designed just for the place, to the yearly changing art exhibitions, various art tours and several art events.

Urkin Piilopirtti has now been artistic designed for over one decade. As the first curator started Mr. Timo Simanainen, nowadays the Museum Director of Lahti and Päijät-Häme Museum. In Glass Art the curator was from the Museum of Glass Art and from 2001 – 2002 Professor of Sculpture, Mr. Radoslaw Gryta who among other positions has worked over 10 years in the Academy of Fine Arts i.e. in the present University of Arts / Aalto University. When Finland joined the EU president Martti Ahtisaari brought Gryta’s work “Coat” (size 3x3x3 m) to Brussels as a gift from the State of Finland.

Urkin Piilopirtti has received professional assistance from the Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo, Union of Finnish Art Associations and the Foundation for Environmental Art. Tampere Art Museum in the role of Regional Art Museum Pirkanmaa has given a certificate of the Art Works in Urkin Piilopirtti. The Experts behind the certificate are the Museum Director Ms. Taina Myllyharju, the assistant of the Regional Art Museum Pirkanmaa Ms. Marja-Liisa Linder and the assistant of Tampere Art Collection Unit Mr. Aki Silvennoinen.

The nine first years the art collection in Urkin Piilopirtti concentrated yearly in different materials and from 2017 in different themes.  During the recent years the exhibitions have mostly been ordered and designed just for the place.

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