Welcome to Urkin Piilopirtti


Art is present everywhere in Urkin Piilopirtti – Urkki’s Hideaway.  You can find it inside and outdoors. Art is also an intense content in the programs. And you can touch it while eating!

Management meetings

Already President Kekkonen understood what it is all about in Urkin Piilopirtti – you can come there as your own self, relax and concentrate in the actual business – whatever the topic might be! 

Experience days

In Urkin Piilopirtti you have a vast variation of programs to choose. In addition to them there is an opportunity to a relaxing sauna bath and of course tasty meals – experiences to remember and talk about a long time!

Artistic sauna spirit

The new art sauna has been welcomed with great joy. Sauna bather finds art inside and out – from the paths, quays and water.


UPP in Suomi 100 booklet

Urkin Piilopirtti is introduced in Finland 100 years book. The book lists the best destinations throughout Finland. Piilopirtti’s presentation has got two pages.

The presidental story

What made a businessman Jyrki Sasi to leave his career and move to the hospitality industry to run Urkin Piilopirtti? Urkki is the nick name to Urho Kaleva Kekkonen, the former president of Finland.


Museum directors in Pinsiö

53 museum directors from all over Finland were getting acquainted with Urkin Piilopirtti in 2017. Piilopirtti’s art was presented by the best possible professional – Radoslaw Gryta.